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Laser cutting is a computer-controlled high-power laser beam which is focused on the workpiece resulting in heat energy melting or vaporizing the material. Laser cutting provides a perfect cut every time, even on pre-hardened and hard stainless steel. Complex contours, small holes and narrow webs, come off lasers clean and burr-free. That is why we have invested in a new state-of-the-art LVD Orion CO2 4000 Watt Sheet Metal Laser Cutting System. Our new Laser allows us to contract manufacture your components with precision and efficiency. Our lights out automation process means that our equipment can produce your components through the night, providing the ultimate in production efficiency.

If your requirements call for a metal product with consistency and accuracy throughout a job, you can count on our computer controlled laser to deliver. All we need is your blueprints, drawings or sample parts. If you have CAD drawings our laser can be programmed directly from your files, reducing lead time. We are the contract manufacturer for you!

Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting
4000 Watt CO2 Orion 3015 Sheet Metal Laser Cutting System Specifications:

Our 4000 watt CO2 sheet metal laser cutting system, combines advanced metal laser cutting technology with automatic load/unload to offer an intelligent, cost-effective solution for today’s laser processing of sheet metal. Our laser has automatic focal adjustment and process control with lights out laser cutting capabilities. This machine will solve all of your fabrication needs. This laser system provides impressive cutting speeds on all types of metals. We are able to process metal sheet sizes up to 60″ x 120″ (1500 x 3000 mm), without repositioning, through a fully automatic load/unload system. Engineered for efficiency and ease of use, Orion combines quick set-up and features such as programmable high-pressure oxide-free sheet metal cutting and automatic cutting gas selection to provide consistent accuracy and high productivity. A fully integrated GE Fanuc laser package offers complete control of the metal cutting process. The integration of laser source, CNC control, AC digital motors and amplifiers ensures a high degree of reliability and superior processing speed for your metal parts. The CO2 laser head cuts material thickness of 1/2″ in steel, 3/8″ in aluminum, and 3/8″ in stainless steel. Other high-performance features include a fully programmable 11.5″ (290 mm) Z-axis for efficient cutting of pre-bent metal parts or profiles, an edge function for clean-cut processing of sharp corners, and 3D offline programming software.

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